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Math News

Women are threatened by stereotyping them as inferior to men when it comes to math. However, with the new study conducted, women performed better than men in a standardized math exam. This generally disproves the misconception of saying that women do not perform as well as men in math.

Women given a test on a single-sex room scored an average of 70% rate on a set of mathematical exams. Women that took the test in groups with men around scored 58% rate on average. clear approach towards the subject.

The new study consisted of 37 male and 127 female undergraduates. They were divided in three groups - three groups of men and three teams of women.

Participants accomplished mathematical multiple-choice verbal items acquired from the Graduate Records Examination (GRE). Before the group took the test, they are aware that the results of their exams will be presented to all of the members of the group.

On the said exams, there was a substantial decrease on the accuracy of women participants as when more male participants joined the group. Nevertheless, the change in numbers of men and women in the group did not affect the test performance of the men. Men continued to average 67% on all the mathematical exams.

Scientists claim that the women’s capacity to analyze and solve problems is greatly affected by the men around them due to anxiety that prevents them from focusing while taking an examination. The study was not to promote single-sex learning for women. But the studies show that single- sex mathematical class is more beneficial for women. However, the result of this study is limited since it was conducted on a small number of participants in a controlled setting.

In addition, MathComplete.Com gives you very comprehensive math news. This helps you to be updated and be aware of what’s new in the field of mathematics. Always visit MathComplete.Com since the site gives you a wide variety of fresh news about mathematics.


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