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The History of Math

Since the early age, mathematicians have been looking for where and when did mathematics start or in short - the History of Mathematics. Every culture on the planet started out with using a form of mathematics that has developed through the years.

Math can be rooted from ancient Egypt and Babylonia, and then it spread rapidly in ancient Greece. During this time, Greek Math was translated into Arabic. About the same time, some areas of mathematics in India were translated into Arabic. Also, mathematics was translated into Latin and became the Math of the Western Europe. Over centuries, it became the Mathematics of the whole world.

Even before any early written records, there were found drawings that suggest the knowledge of ancient people about mathematics and the identification of time based on stars. For example, ochre rocks were discovered on the land of South Africa on 70,000 B.C. with carved geometric drawings. Moreover, prehistoric artifacts were seen in France and Africa between 35,000 B.C. and 20, 000 B.C. which suggest early interest on trying to measure and quantify time.

In addition, evidence exists that women were involved in keeping track of their periodic biological cycle. Hunters back then had the idea of none or zero when considering groups of animals during their hunts.

There are also other countries on Earth which developed mathematics such as Southern Japan and China. Their influence in the field of Mathematics is great that we can not use and apply mathematics in some of our daily activities without their outstanding contribution.

Due to the ongoing development of mathematics and its applications, MathComplete.Com provides you with facts about the history of math together with fresh news or updates about this particular scientific field. Mathematics continues to develop at a constant rate. Math extends infinitely and its end is nowhere to be found. As the search for more applications continues, you should pay a visit to MathComplete.Com for it offers a wide range of subjects involved in math.



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