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Free Math Worksheets

You need to practice solving math problems on a regular basis in order to fully grasp the mathematical concepts that are integral aspects in the academic discipline. Math worksheets can be very useful tools that can allow you to hone your math skills to perfection. With this, a sample math worksheet is provided below. Go visit MathComplete.Com for more math worksheets, tutorials, tips, and interesting math tricks.

Sample Math Worksheet Set 1

Denzil buys a book about the Greenwood National Park for $2.56. He pays with a 5$ bill. How much change does Denzil receive?

Clark wants to buy a notebook that costs $2.25. He only has a dollar. How much more money does Clark need to buy the notebook?

Sample Math Worksheet Set 2

Statistics can be a lot easier by doing the 2 sample worksheets below:

Find the mean, median, and mode of the series 22, 7, 22, 1, 6, 6, 6, 6, 20, 19, 22.

Given the set 9, 9, 21, 18, 18, 18, 18, 17, compute for the mean, mode, and median.

Moreover, converting decimals to fraction and vice versa are skills you should possess in order to perfectly continue working with math. Answer the next sample math worksheet set 3 below:

Convert 0.27 to its fraction equivalent.

Let 1/3 be a decimal with non-terminating digits.

You need a partner for the next activity. This activity aims to have you prepared for school interactive games. After this activity, you shall be able to know your partner’s age:

First, write your age on a piece of paper. The procedures listed should also be done by your partner. Next, multiply the age by 3 and add 12. Divide the result by 3 then add 93 to the result.

Share your answer to your partner. Both of you can determine the age of each other by dropping the 1st digit and by adding 3 to the remaining number. Finally, try to guess your partner’s age.

For more challenging yet easy-to-understand math worksheets, go to MathComplete.Com on a regular basis. This is because this site frequently updates its pages with useful and easy-to-understand math worksheets.


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